Workers Injuries and Compensation


    Very often you might feel guilty making a claim from your employer.

    You shouldn’t your employer is usually insured by WorkCover. Further your employer is prevented from terminating your employment due to the injuries you may have suffered. Making a claim from your employer can include compensation for your pain and suffering your loss of wages (past and future) and your out of pocket expenses.

    It is possible that an injury may reduce your working life in the future so it is important to ensure you seek advice and seek compensation if it is available to you. Our free consultation service can determine whether you have a claim even though you may think you do not have a claim. Our assessment of the circumstances can determine whether the system of work, the instructions to employees,the plant and equipment or any actions of a co-employee have been or are unsafe and thereby an action in negligence will lie.

    Bringing these issues to the attention of the employer can also prevent a injury occurring to other employees in the future.

    Time limits apply from the making a claim to WorkCover initially to the issue of the notice of claim after you have elected to reject the lump sum compensation offer made by WorkCover.

    It is important to call Joseph O’Hare so he can assess your rights.