Property and Children Consent Orders

After you and your former partner have reached an agreement as to children or financial issues it is important to ensure that your agreement is binding and resolves the dispute once and for all so that you both can get on with your lives.
Failing to finalise the agreement can render you and your former partner to further arguments and can in some circumstances increase the level of entitlement that a person may receive due to the increase in values.
We are able to assist you to ensure your agreement is finalised so that you have peace of mind in moving forward with the rest of your life.
The application does not require that proceedings have issued and whilst it does involve the Court it does not involve you attending Court.
We guide you through the application for consent orders and the accompanying Orders which the Court will make as final and binding orders of the Court.
As the Orders that are made are final Orders of the Court we ensure they are completed carefully and correctly encompass your agreement as it is difficult to overturn the Orders without a substantial change in circumstances.