Family Law and Separation

    Our services include the following;

  • Living arrangements for children
  • Making sure you have the time you need to see your children-parenting arrangements
  • Your entitlement to a distribution of the matrimonial property
  • Splitting of superannuation
  • Consent orders taking advantage of the stamp duty exemptions
  • Mediation and Negotiation
  • As a last resort aggressive and forthright Litigation
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements and Binding Financial Agreements including pre-nuptial, cohabitation or Separation agreements
  • De Facto agreements for separating couples to take advantage of the stamp duty exemptions
  • Giving the right advice the first time to enable swift decisions and effective outcomes
  • Child support appeals


Joseph has been practicing in this area of law for the past twenty (20) years and has affiliations and interests in the Family Law Practitioners Association and The Family Law section of the Law Council of Australia to assist our clients. Joseph is able to assist you to ensure that during the very difficult time of separation you obtain straightforward advice and positive direction through which you are able to navigate this very difficult time in your life.

No matter how long you have been in a relationship and whether you were married or not separation can be a stressful and daunting time. What should you do where should you go who should you talk to are just some of the thoughts that will enter your mind.

The first step is to talk to someone who is experienced in this area who can guide you through a difficult and stressful time. We can assist you in informing you of your legal rights entitlements and your obligations. Very often advice obtained at a early time can be very helpful in creating an early conclusion and at the very least relieving some of the stress that you may be experiencing.

Once you separate it is important to collect your personal papers, clothing, Jewellery and any personal possessions. Further you should close or freeze any joint accounts and freeze any joint loans or joint liabilities. If you are staying in your house then you are entitled to change the locks.

In circumstances where you have reached an agreement we can assist you to formalise that agreement and make it legally enforceable. Call us to get a copy of the separation checklist which lists a number of things you should do when you separate or call Joe OHare of our office to make a time to get advice.

After you have received initial legal advice we are able to negotiate with your partner or ex-partner on your behalf or make an application to the court.

We will give you advice as to the legal costs up front and where possible we can try and provide a fixed fee for your piece of mind. We can refer you to the Legal Aid Office and we can assist you in the completion and submission of the Legal Aid Application form for financial assistance in payment of the legal costs. Our office is a preferred supplier in Legal Aid Services and we can appear for you in a dispute resolution conference as allocated by the Legal Aid Office.

We offer a reduced rate for the first appointment with brief phone advice for free.