Joseph O’Hare as the principal of the firm is a registered Controlling Trustee and is able to convene meetings held under Part X of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 (as amended).

Joseph O’Hare has been holding meetings pursuant to the Bankruptcy Act for the last 14 years and has substantial experience and expertise in dealing with matters relating to the Bankruptcy Act and the Corporations Law.

We are aware of the requirements of the major financial institutions and the Australian Tax Office in putting forward proposals and ensuring your proposal has the best prospect of being accepted by your creditors. 

If you are contemplating proceeding into Bankruptcy/liquidation or have a insolvency issue Joseph O’Hare has the expertise to advise you as to the likely consequences and a strategy that suits your circumstances.

Prior to communicating with that creditor or Court or Solicitor for the creditor it is usually worthwhile to give Joe a call and determine what is the best course to take to ensure that the action that is taken is the best result you could hope to achieve.