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When times change, people change and directions in life may alter, a relationship breakdown can be and usually is a traumatic and heartbreaking life experience.

In addition to the emotional turmoil that is suffered, there are then the practical considerations as to what happens to the house I’m living in, what happens with the motor vehicles, how do I get child support, how will I have money to support myself, who will the children live with, how can I arrange resolution of the property and children’s issues.

Here are a number of guidelines to assist you:-

  1. Write a list of the problems that you are faced, the issues that are troubling you or the matters which you feel where you are out of control.
  2. Next to the items that you have written down, list objectively as to how you think you can resolve these issues.

If you feel you are unable to answer these questions and reach practical conclusions, then the first call you should make is to an experienced family lawyer such as Joe O’Hare at O’Hare Law.

What are the characteristics that mandate your choosing O’Hare Law:

Experience and exercise:

Joe O’Hare has been practicing in family law since 1990 and has appeared in the Federal Circuit Court, the Family Court, the Magistrates Court and the former Federal Magistrates Court in respect of all types of children’s issues, property issues, child support matters, divorce and other family law issues.  Joe O’Hare is a lawyer who is a qualified solicitor and is able and has the knowledge and expertise to provide at the initial consultation the direction and guidance that is needed to overcome the obstacles that will be facing you.

Friendly and comfortable environment:

Instead of a large firm of lawyers who are intimidating and expensive, Joe O’Hare has a boutique sole practitioner practice which provides comfortable and calming ambiance to assist you in respect of allowing freedom of speech and a calming influence.


Family lawyers’ fees can range dramatically from one firm to another.

An experienced family lawyer guide you through problems and provide solutions, processes and guidance to enable a resolution at the earliest possible opportunity.  Joe O’Hare will provide to you an estimate of fees and will provide the basis upon which our firm charges.  Whilst we would not be the cheapest firm, we are certainly not the most expensive firm and do not have the overheads that other larger firms will have.

Further, in some instances it is possible to provide a fixed fee arrangement.

Choosing a lawyer in a difficult and tumultuous time such as separation can be a difficult proposition and there is a wide ranging availability of family law practitioners.  Joseph O’Hare is able to assist you and will go out of his way to provide guidance and a comforting experience to ensure that your anxiety and apprehension will be minimized in respect of the family law process.

Please call Joseph O’Hare should you require guidance in respect of the initial process and ask about our fixed fee initial consultation.

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