About us

OHARE LAW (formally known as J.A. O’Hare and Co.). We are a legal firm situated in Nundah which is a North Brisbane suburb and have provided expert and specialist legal services with professional integrity and in a cost conscious manner since 1993.


As a small practise you will have personal contact with an experienced lawyer who will care for your matter and your desired outcome.


With any issue, complaint, dispute or problem we can help you unravel the most cost effective and troublefree process to ensure your goals are met and exceeded. We are able to assist you over the phone, correspondence, email or other communications and are happy to communicate or see you during or after business hours.

Whilst we are a small practice, our local Lawyer Joe O’Hare has had over twenty-five years experience and we are able to provide you a complete legal service to ensure that you not only obtain detailed advice on particular areas of law but also how those areas of law may impact alternative issues or problems that you may encounter including the referral to other professionals, such as, counsellors, accountants, financial planners, etc.

If you have a complaint, a problem or a difficulty that you are uncertain of and is causing concern, please call us so that we may assist you, discuss your options and enable you to move past any troubling issue with the least possible cost and time.


With any legal issue one of the most concerning matters for you are our fees. In personal injury matters we are able to offer a NO WIN NO FEE arrangement AND WE FUND OUTLAYS wherein our fees and outlays are not payable until the conclusion of the matter and only if we obtain for you a compensation payment. Further, our fees will never exceed the net amount that you receive. You are guaranteed to receive your compensation payment.

 We are able to provide a quote in some matters and we maintain that quote for the entirety of the matter. These are:

  • Residential conveyancing.
  • Uncontested divorce applications.
  • Wills

 In other matters it is difficult to provide a quotation as these matters are unpredictable and have a substantial amount of work that is either unknown at the first instruction or can vary substantially due to the work to be performed the actions of the opposing party or the Court process. We bill and comply with the Legal Profession Act 2007 and we ensure that we detail the calculation of our fees when we bill and the moneys you need to pay.

 We ensure that we provide certainty to ensure that you are not left uncertain or bewildered as to legal fees.


 We shall ensure that:

  • We listen to you carefully;
  • We provide our advice clearly and in plain English;
  • We will at all times keep you updated and detailed as to what is occurring, what will occur in the future and the process to be taken;
  • We will provide to you particulars of the timeframes that will be required so that you will know at any point in time, how long the case should take.
  • We will ensure that we provide to you options that are available including conservative options to options that are less conservative;
  • We will ensure sensitivity and concern in respect of your difficulty;
  • We will ensure flexibility in respect of our service to you, including initial appointments, timing of appointments etc.
  • We shall learn about your individual circumstances to ensure that our service is tailored to meet your individual needs. We shall ensure that we are accessible and available to you, not only by telephone but also in respect of the accessibility of our offices and include the availability of parking.


 The small size of our practice means that we give our clients attention and accessibility of a small practice. Having expertise in family law and personal injury matters, we understand that these issues are incredibly stressful and a difficult time of your life. We ensure that we return your call, maintain communication, update you as to circumstances and ensure that our fees are as agreed. As we are a small firm, we have the flexibility and availability to ensure that we can not only advise you as to your particular legal issue, but also any consequential or ancillary issues that may arise from your problem. Accordingly, our service is value added service.

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional standards legislation


We are a proud member of the QLS pro bono referral service and offer pro bono work to assist our community.

Our principal Joe OHare enjoys participating as a mediator with QPILCH in Federal Court matters and has done so for many years. For many years he also provided free legal assistance as a volunteer with the Caxton Street Community legal Centre.

Should you require legal assistance and cannot afford the cost of a Lawyer you can call the LEGAL Aid Office on 1300 651 188 or the Caxton Street Legal Centre on 3214 6333 or give us a call and we will assist you where possible.